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BF3 Server rules

Post by Bud Weiser Ka-Tet on Wed 4 Jan - 4:35:47

Server rules

These are the Ka-Tet Battlefield 3 server rules. They are non-negotiable, and we have every right to apply these rules. If you don’t like them, please choose another server. Consequences of any Ka-Tet members breaking these rules will be taken very seriously.
So called team stacking
We have been accused (on our own server ) of team stacking. This is in fact true.
We ( Ka-Tet ) pay for our server. We DO NOT play against each other, it's as simple as that. This is why other players will be swapped to allow us to play together. If you don't like it, the simplest option is to leave and play on another server. We will not take any abuse on this subject. We welcome players or teams who see this as a challenge.
Our BF3 server streams to PBbans and we will kick and permanently ban anyone found cheating on our server, and report to PB.
There is no discussion on this point, and no exceptions to the rule.
What's not allowed ?
PLAY THE MODE. Enemy deployment/base rape is NOT allowed.
We do NOT allow anti tank weapons against infantry.
Offensive language, racist abuse and bullying
Any racist abuse or bullying will be treated seriously and players will be banned. We want our server to be a nice place to be.
There is usually an admin or Ka-Tet team member around. If you have an issue with a player, or suspect a player of cheating please contact one of the team, or ask for Admin in game. What the Admin says with regard to ANY matter is the final decision and not up for discussion.
Admin reserves the right to ban or kick at our discretion. Even if we only suspect someone of cheating, and cannot prove it, we may still ban this player. We will also permanently ban players that disrespect our members or server rules. This is not up for discussion, we are a small server and as a guest you basically have no rights. If you play nice and behave we may allow you to stay.
Ka-Tet Squad General Rules
Please note, at the very beginning of recruitment, the recruit will be require to fill in application form, together with proof of age to satisfy "da management" of said recruit. Failure to comply will result in a termination of recruitment, Should any details prove to be untrue, recruitment will cease immediately
This is an adult squad, and an adult website. Whilst we have no issue with the use of bad language, and accept adult content, the website is not a porn site and we will not tolerate abusive or racist behaviour.
Any offensive or aggressive behaviour, any personal, racist, sexist attacks or comments will result in a warning. At the discretion of the Squad leaders, any further incidents will result in a ban from the squad.
There will be NO exceptions to this rule.
As a member of Ka-Tet you have a responsibility to behave in a manner that projects the squad in a positive light. We insist, to avoid any confusion, that you always let other members know if you are playing with them under a nic they don’t know. Whenever you play, you must remember that you are representing the squad, and behave in a suitable way.
We have observed in other servers that arguments and negative discussion in game empties servers. From now on, please do not discuss play or kicks/bans with players. The only members allowed to do this will be Bud and Gin and that will be kept to a minimum. We do not have to explain our decisions to use our admin rights to anyone.

Our community only works if each member actively takes part in all aspects of the squad’s activities. The three mandatory activities for ALL members are the forum, the main game server, and Ventrilo.
We are going to impose the following new rules, which ALL members should make themselves familiar with.
1. If for any reason any player is going to be away or absent from “squad life” for more than two weeks, the Squad Leaders must be made aware. If you tell us your plans, we have no issues with absences such as this.
2. Members must play the squad’s main game and be active on ventrilo & forum at least once in every two weeks.
3. If a member fails to remain actively involved in any of the three activities above, then their membership will be revoked. A warning will be sent at four weeks no show, and revocation of all Ka-Tet membership will happen at six weeks no show.
Please understand that we WILL be enforcing these rules. There is absolutely no valid reason for the inability to just check the forum regularly, and post as frequently as possible.
Regardless of the game we are playing, the ONLY way that we can keep our (YOUR) squad going is for us all to be involved, take interest, and find as much enthusiasm for it as possible.
New members will have to go through our (extensive) recruitment process and once admitted, will be expected to pitch in on server costs.
If anyone needs clarification of any of these points, please contact either Bud or Gin
As a member, you are an invited guest on our ventrilo server. Treat it like your home, but be sure not to cause offence to other users.
And finally….
These rules may sound harsh, but it is our server, we pay for it, and therefore we write the rules.
All we really want is that the Ka-Tet server is a place to play, have fun and socialise. There are plenty of other servers out there if you are looking for something else. Please just use your common sense, play nice, have fun and all will be

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